Student Intern for the digital IC design team at Oticon


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Student Intern for the digital IC design team at Oticon

We are looking for 2 student interns for the fall of 2019. The positions are within the digital IC design team and will focus on investigating different Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions for use in hearing aids. The team is responsible for pre-silicon digital and SoC development for all existing and future hearing instruments. Our tasks consist of a mixture own design such as audio digital signal processors and integration of third-party IP. We are working with state-of-the-art silicon technologies, EDA tools, and methodologies. Our silicon platform is used for all the hot and cool stuff such as keyword spotting using artificial intelligence and Electroencephalography (EEG). Although the final use is cutting edge, it is still based on good and solid digital implementation.

The technical challenge: Design of ultra-low power components
At Oticon, we take part in developing best in class hearing solutions and try to extend the limits of what is possible. Oticon is a large, growing company in the medical-technical industry where our +600 engineers are all committed to delivering well-made, high tech solutions for hearing impaired people worldwide.
In your new job, you will become part of Oticon’s digital IC team, which is responsible for designing and developing the digital components for the different ICs used in our hearing aids. The team also creates tools and flows used in developing the ICs.

Currently artificial intelligence and machine learning are some of the hottest words in academia and industry. Everybody is rushing to figure out how this will fit into today and tomorrows technology. This covers everything from large networks that only work in the cloud down to very small networks that run on IoT devices, also called the edge. Our interest are solutions that can be used at the edge.


On a weekly bases we are presented with new solutions that claim to be perfect for use in a hearing aid (the edge). Some of these solutions are new chips/HW, some are HW design, and some are SW solutions. Your task will be to help us investigate some of the more promising of these.


We are looking for a student who finds the HW-SW prototyping of embedded systems interesting. Some one who is fine with reading and writing some C or python code and at the same time interested in understanding how processor HW works and think it is fun to do some lab measurements occasionally.


Your task will be to evaluate the most promising of these artificial intelligence solutions by programming them to do functions like key word spotting, gesture recognition etc. Evaluation will be based on performance parameters like delay, power, accuracy etc.


We can offer a chance to work with artificial intelligence and get a better understanding of all the network types and abbreviation e.g. RNN, CNN, LSTM, GRU and so on. You will also get insight into some of the latest developments in this area and try to use these hands-on. Finally, this is does come with the option of extending your work with us to your bachelor and master theses.


Good coding skills
To apply for these positions you should have taken courses and have an interest in the following

  • Coding python and C
  • Coding rtl
  • Lab measurements


As a person, you have a passion for new technology, versatile in your HW and SW interest and skills, like working with embedded systems prototyping, enjoy working in a team, and good at thinking out side the box when solving tasks.


Want to join the team?
We do know that it can be hard to cover all the above and that is why we are looking for 2 students. This will give the option to supplement each other and you are therefore welcome to apply with a co-student where you supplement each other and work well together.


Then send your application via our electronical recruitment system. We do not accept applications via email. Deadline for applications is 26 August 2019.

If you would like to know more about the position, you are welcome to contact the hiring manager Anders Hebsgaard via e-mail or phone +45 2388 7591.

We look forward to hearing from you.