Thesis Project in R&D


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Thesis Project in R&D

Product concept for new hearing implant solution 


Background for the project Oticon Medical is working towards developing a new hearing implant, which will enable users to gain a higher sound output and a longer battery life time, as it uses a more efficient technology than current solutions. One of the challenges that the future solution needs to solve is how this new type of sound processor can be worn by the user.  For the user, their hearing solution is interpreted as an artificial ear, and it is therefore essential that a solution is developed to fit all patients in a safe manner. The alignment between the implant and the sound processor is key to the technology and there are thus certain constraints which need to be incorporated in a solution. 

Project goal

We are looking for student(s) who can rethink how to wear this sound processor with particular focus on the integration and build of the external device parts as well as its interface to the implantable part. The project could include the following work packages: Understanding of the technological constraints and possibilities of a future solution.

  • Conceptualization with a strong focus on mechanical solutions for integration between device parts and device-body interface.
  • Design and 3D model (Creo) selected concept(s) based on learned insights.
  • Iteratively design and test new versions of the design.
  • Detail final concept, summarize findings and indicate next steps required.


Throughout the project, the student(s) will get to work with stakeholders from different departments within the entire Demant, primarily Denmark and Sweden. The student(s) will get a seat at the company and are able to use our 3D printing facilities to evaluate concepts throughout the project.


Maja Thorning-Schmidt, Mechanical Design Engineer, Oticon Medical, phone: +45 3913 7022, email: 
Supervisors Martin Johansson, Translational Research Manager, Oticon Medical Maja Thorning-Schmidt, Mechanical Design Engineer, Oticon Medical