Experienced operations and CI/CD systems developer


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Experienced operations and CI/CD systems developer

Experienced Operations and CI/CD Support Engineer 

Continuous Integration team seeks an Ops/Support Engineer with a passion for high availability  

We are the dedicated DevOps team in Oticon R&D with the most diverse and broad scope when it comes to providing CI services to our product development organisation.  Our machine park and integration with IT Operations and Infrastructure is growing, and now it is time for us to seek a dedicated member with expertise within operations and support.  


If you have a few years of experience on your CV, this could be the job for you.  


What we offer:   

  • Operation and maintenance of more than 60 physical machines and ~100 VMs and containers running on oVirt and Hyper-V as well as Docker  

  • Setup of new machines, including custom hardware into our production environment  

  • Setup of, and daily monitoring of our services and handling alerts  

  • Supporting our customers with operations and CI pipeline related issues  

  • Solve bottlenecks in our CI pipeline by reconfiguring the mix of machine capabilities  

  • … and more depending on your skills and ambition  


Our Ops-skills are constantly improving, but we still have some way to go, which is why your experience and opinions are highly valued and will make a big difference to the team.  You will be the first point of contact to our customers, and a very important source of feedback to the CI developers on topics where operations needs to be made easier.  


Our tool stack involves applications such as oVirt, Hyper-V, Ansible, TeamCity, Python, Linux, Windows (for VMs), Docker, and Git.  

Your first tasks? You will dive straight into operations of our cluster and engage in building up monitoring for the machines.  You will also very quickly be involved with supporting our customers and work alongside the team’s developers to learn how to solve daily issues.  


What we expect from you  

You are the type of person who likes to head for work early, to handle issues before our customers see them.  You do not mind being available on limited call because you are aware that keeping systems green is your most important duty.  Building up, configuring, monitoring and expanding a cluster is a fun job for you.   


You act responsibly and have ambitions for running systems at their optimum, both by your own effort, but also by relaying issues where they must be solved elsewhere.  You are determined and service minded by nature, making it a joy to contact you for help or a tweak.  

You have at least 3 years of professional experience within CI and operations in e.g. a small data center.  If you were the one building your own Linux distro at home, love playing with tools, and installed Linux on all your family’s PCs, don’t hesitate to apply either.  


Regarding specific competencies, we will be looking for these fields:   

  • Experienced Linux user  

  • Experience with tools like Ansible  

  • Experience with hypervisor technology.  oVirt and Hyper-V is a definite advantage.  

  • Experience with Prometheus, Grafana, Graylog or similar monitoring/forensics tools  

  • Experience with CI orchestrators, like TeamCity or similar  

  • Experience of networking setup   

  • Knowledge of containerised environments (Docker/Kubernetes)   

  • Knowledge of Python programming  


If you got to here, you must apply, right?  
Then send your application. If you would like to know more about the position, you are welcome to contact Kim Poulsen on     


Dear candidate 


Due to the corona virus we are taking all possible precautions to keep everyone safe and out of risk. That means, that we have decided to postpone our recruitment processes. Both for safety purposes, but also because we are not able to predict when a start date will be possible.  


We believe it is important that all applicants get to meet a potential new manager face to face as well as visit our facilities before accepting a new role. For the time being we will use digital solutions to conduct the initial interviews. The final interview will be physical when it is safe to meet. 


It is important for us to state very clearly that even though the corona virus is raising havoc on many companies in DK and abroad, Demant will continue the growth and the pursuit of our ambitious goal of bringing market leading hearing healthcare products to users worldwide. To fulfill that ambition we will continue to recruit the best professionals in the market. We will not put things on hold!  


As soon as we are starting up again you will hear from us and we hope you will be interested in continuing the dialog with us. 


Thank you for your understanding and patience. We wish you and your families to be safe and we will see each other soon! 


Make a true difference!

By joining the Oticon team, you help bring sounds to the millions of hearing impaired all over the world so they can live natural lives with friends and family.

You will find the perfect framework for your professional and personal development in a culture built on trust, openness and mutual respect. We welcome you in a growing international company where we push hard to be at the forefront of what is technically possible. No matter if the goal is a new, highly advanced hearing aid feature, a new ERP system or a totally revolutionary marketing tool, we strive to excel.

We are very proud of our company, our products and our unique culture. But don’t just take our word for it. In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, “Ingeniøren” (the Engineer) has awarded us the number one employer within electronics and telecommunications in Denmark. Want to join us?

About Oticon

500 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. It is Oticon's ambition that our customers - hearing clinics throughout the world - prefer to use our products for people with impaired hearing. Oticon is one of the two largest companies in the industry, and in Denmark all 1,600 employees, with passion, dedication and professional expertise, develop some of the most innovative hearing aids in the world. Oticon is an international growing company, and 98% of Group revenues is generated outside Denmark. We are part of the Demant Group with more than 15,000 employees and revenues of more than DKK 15 billion.