Experienced tooling and CI/CD systems developer


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Experienced tooling and CI/CD systems developer

Experienced tooling and CI/CD systems developer 

How does this sound to you: Design, development and maintenance of tools, frameworks and lots of software automation in a highly complex and technological company? Work with the newest applicable DevOps tech we can find and using experimental approaches to increase collaboration and not the least speed of delivery? Join a team of highly engaged and motivated colleagues with a mission to spread DevOps and CI/CD all over? 

Joining us, you will… 


  • be part of the core team, offering CI/CD services to R&D 

  • develop on the backbone systems consisting of many servers and virtual environments 

  • influence how an entire R&D function builds and releases our products 

  • become an important part of the value chain, delivering products to market 


Joining the CI/CD journey 


When joining our team, you will start a journey in a team with a core and satellites.  Our satellites provide local CI/CD services, whereas the core team maintains and improves the infrastructure everyone relies on.  We constantly push new features forward iteratively to be able to scale up and out with just a few people compared to the size of the system we drive.  You will learn a lot, and never be bored because there is nothing left to improve. 

We are an Agile-driven Kanban team with high ambitions. We develop and maintain test frameworks, build configurations and build scripts to strengthen the deployment pipeline of multiple teams. We also own and operate a growing machine park consisting of both physical servers and virtualized ones. Your experience and will to learn will count when we make a difference engaging with our colleagues and spreading DevOps culture in the company. 

At this point, we are a business-critical team with customers in almost all of R&D (approx. 450 people in DK). Our area of excellence is within our embedded platform deliveries. We do this by applying software practices for CI and CD, adding new levels of quality assurance to the R&D development process. 


Your professional background and personal competencies 

We expect you to have a degree in Computer Science or directly equivalent. We are looking for at least 3-5 years of professional full-time experience within CI/CD and software system development. Furthermore, we are looking for the following competencies: 


  • Experienced Linux user 

  • Professional knowledge of good software practices such as test-driven development and experience in deploying CI and CD, e.g. TeamCity or Jenkins 

  • Provable experience with software design, modularity etc. 

  • Experienced Software Developer with opinions on design patterns 

  • You already know or can quickly pick up new languages and concepts like Python, bash, XML, versioning (Perforce, Git) 

  • Experience with containerized environments (Docker/Kubernetes) gets you in front of the queue 

  • Knowledge of virtualization, e.g. oVirt, Hyper-V is a plus 


As a person, you would describe yourself as someone, who can navigate through unforeseen territory with multiple stakeholders with each their own agendas. In situations like these, your communicative and people skills, as well as your ability to gather the team and stakeholders to understand our common mission and the cause, will be tested and tried so perseverance and knowing why you do, and what you do, is adamant. Your brain sprouts ideas, which has relevance to the causes, and you share your ideas vividly with your team. Not the least, you have fun doing it! 


Now, is this a place you’d want to work? Then send your application. If you would like to know more about the position, you are welcome to contact Team Manager, Software Delivery Kim Poulsen on mail We are looking forward to hearing from you. 



Dear candidate

Due to the corona virus we are taking all possible precautions to keep everyone safe and out of risk. That means, that we have decided to postpone our recruitment processes. Both for safety purposes, but also because we are not able to predict when a start date will be possible. 


We believe it is important that all applicants get to meet a potential new manager face to face as well as visit our facilities before accepting a new role. For the time being we will use digital solutions to conduct the initial interviews. The final interview will be physical  when it is safe to meet.


It is important for us to state very clearly that even though the corona virus is raising havoc on many companies in DK and abroad, Demant will continue the growth and the pursuit of our ambitious goal of bringing market leading hearing healthcare products to users worldwide. To fulfill that ambition we will continue to recruit the best professionals in the market. We will not put things on hold! 


As soon as we are starting up again you will hear from us and we hope you will be interested in continuing the dialog with us.


Thank you for your understanding and patience. We wish you and your families to be safe and we will see each other soon!

Make a true difference!

By joining the Oticon team, you help bring sounds to the millions of hearing impaired all over the world so they can live natural lives with friends and family.

You will find the perfect framework for your professional and personal development in a culture built on trust, openness and mutual respect. We welcome you in a growing international company where we push hard to be at the forefront of what is technically possible. No matter if the goal is a new, highly advanced hearing aid feature, a new ERP system or a totally revolutionary marketing tool, we strive to excel.

We are very proud of our company, our products and our unique culture. But don’t just take our word for it. In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, “Ingeniøren” (the Engineer) has awarded us the number one employer within electronics and telecommunications in Denmark. Want to join us?

About Oticon

500 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. It is Oticon's ambition that our customers - hearing clinics throughout the world - prefer to use our products for people with impaired hearing. Oticon is one of the two largest companies in the industry, and in Denmark all 1,600 employees, with passion, dedication and professional expertise, develop some of the most innovative hearing aids in the world. Oticon is an international growing company, and 98% of Group revenues is generated outside Denmark. We are part of the Demant Group with more than 15,000 employees and revenues of more than DKK 15 billion.