Senior Scientist position(s) available at Eriksholm Research Centre


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Senior Scientist position(s) available at Eriksholm Research Centre

Senior Scientist position(s) available at Eriksholm Research Centre

Location: Eriksholm Research Centre, Snekkersten, 50 km North of Copenhagen, DK

Job Category: Research / Scientific leadership



The Eriksholm Research Centre is seeking internationally recognized researchers to join our scientific team.  We are looking for highly motivated and experienced candidates to shape, lead and conduct audiological research with the potential to provide groundbreaking advances in user benefits in hearing healthcare.  


Eriksholm Research Centre carries out the early stage research for Oticon, which has several development and research teams, all collaborating closely to keep us at the forefront of applied research and to fuel our research strategy. This provides access to an array of research platforms and early ear-level prototypes for new technologies, opening many novel research opportunities hard to realize anywhere else.



About the position

We are seeking one or more excellent candidates that will work closely with our highly talented teams of researchers within Oticon alongside partners in academia, as well as clinicians and hearing care professionals around the world to generate new audiological insights.  Our team is encouraged to publish our findings in leading scientific and clinical journals and to engage with the research community at conferences and workshops, etc.  Our goal at Eriksholm is to generate new knowledge and deep insight that eventually can be applied in hearing instruments or other assistive devices and solutions to empower people with hearing loss.  If you are motivated to see your work applied to the benefit of people with hearing impairment, then we would be excited to hear from you.  We are interested in hearing from candidates with documented knowledge and experience within the fields of cognition, aging and attention in hearing and their relevant physiological measures.  We are also interested in candidates with insight into how we can individualize hearing technologies through personalized audiological profiling.  For the latter, we wish to understand ‘what goes wrong’ in the damaged auditory pathway, not exclusively but for example in cases of OHC loss, IHC loss, stria vascularis aging and synaptopathy, etc. You will be a key driver for the research areas and will be able to set and define the future direction.



The ideal candidate

•    You hold a PhD degree or similar in auditory neuroscience, experimental psychology, audiology, cognitive science, physics, electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, or a similarly relevant discipline. 
•    You have a proven research track record reflected in first/last author publications in high-quality academic journals.
•    You can lead and manage research projects.  For establishing new, high-risk research areas, a proven track record for obtaining external research funding to expand on core funded activities is desirable.  However, core funding is provided by Oticon.
•    You have experience supervising doctoral and master students to successful completion of their degrees.
•    You have a strong interest in interdisciplinary and application-oriented work, supported by successful collaboration with researchers, technical and clinical staff outside of your main discipline.
•    You have an extensive research network, evidenced by participation in bilateral or European/international consortia.
•    You have experience presenting your work at high quality international institutions and conferences and have high proficiency in written and spoken English.  
•    Proficiency in the Danish language is not essential, but a willingness to learn could be useful in the longer-term.


Want to join the Eriksholm Research Centre?

If this opportunity appeals to you, then submit your application. Please apply through our e-recruitment system by visiting our career site: 


Please include the following documents: Letter of motivation; CV; a list of publications; copies of University diplomas and transcripts; and provide 2-3 referees.


If you would like to know more about the position, you are welcome to contact James Michael Harte, Senior Director of Eriksholm Research Centre on the following e-mail: or phone: +45 5127 8033. 


About living in Denmark
The Danish work environment is characterized by a flat organizational structure with a low power distance between managers and employees. The horizontal structure invites open dialogue between management and employees. Competence development is highly prioritized, and most workplaces regularly offer continuing education to their employees.


Most expats moving to Denmark describe the work-life balance as one of the great advantages of living in Denmark. A full-time position in Denmark covers 37 hours a week and a normal workday will be from 08:00-16:00. Danes focus equally on developing their working lives and private lives. Personal safety is high as well. Children walk/bike to school. The Danish way of life is based on mutual trust and tolerance. Compared to many other economically advanced countries, crime rates in Denmark are low.


The Danish society has a great welfare system, which ensures health care, childcare, elderly care, and education for everyone registered in Denmark. These benefits are financed by taxes and you should expect to pay a big part of your salary to the Danish government. A special tax scheme for researchers was implemented in 2011, which entails a tax rate of 26 % in the first five years of working.



We thought it would be in place to inform you that due to the corona virus we are taking the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe and out of risk. We have opened the positions but you need to expect a prolonged recruitment process. For the time being we will, for yours and our safety, not meet you physically, so we will use other means to conduct the initial interviews. The final interview will be physical – when that is again safe.


Thank you for your understanding and patience. We wish you and your families to be safe and we will see each other soon!